THV Exclusive: Waitress Claims She Was Fired For Supporting Hillary Clinton

    10:05 AM, Apr 29, 2008   |    comments
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    (Little Rock) KTHV -- A Little Rock waitress claims her political activism got her fired.

    Micah Qualls says she was on break and decided to show her support for Hillary Clinton by waving a sign she had in the trunk of her car, but after her shift ended she was fired.

    "Whoa… lone protestor…" This video shows Micah Qualls Friday when she heard John McCain would be landing where she worked as a waitress at Central Flying Service.

    Micah Qualls says, "Shock. It still hasn't even sunk in that this is occurring. Not just that I was fired, but the other things that are attached to the story."

    Sunday Qualls sits with us confused and upset she didn't get a hearing or answers after working for the company for seven years.

    "I just went to my car and got it out and ran to the fence because the plane was landing and that's all," she adds.

    The controversy stems over the fact she was wearing her company uniform and whether or not she was on break.

    "I do not feel that I have done anything wrong," Qualls says.

    An open letter from Dick Holbert of Central Flying Service reads…
    "I didn't witness Qualls' demonstration. After hearing the details I told the flight deck manager to relieve her. That she was holding a Clinton sign was beside the point. She was on my time wearing my uniform and she spoke loudly and a lot of people noticed."

    Qualls believes this never would have happened if she held a McCain sign instead.

    Qualls adds, "The problem people perceive is it was counter to what was going on, but as I've stated it wasn't against anyone. I am a person that believes in my own candidate."

    Qualls show us pictures of co-workers several years ago showing support for candidates while on the clock. "There's me and my other co-workers and our aprons. I have no reason to believe this action isn't tolerated at my job."

    Qualls became so hurt she didn't get fired until after her shift was over she wrote Hillary Clinton. "I am shocked about the decision, but honestly I would not go back and change anything I did..."

    So far she hasn't heard back from Clinton or the campaign.

    Qualls is without a job right now, but just graduated in none other than political science and plans to go into teaching.

    KTHV Little Rock

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