New Arkansas laws take effect Jan. 1

    6:53 PM, Dec 30, 2009   |    comments
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    If you've ever thought about buying a toy gun that looks identical to a real one, that may never happen again.

    Starting Jan. 1, Act 1494 will take effect. This law will ban the sale of many toy guns that look like real weapons.

    "That happened as a result of a child that was that had a toy gun over in West Memphis was shot by a policemen," says state Representative Jane English.

    The officer thought the boy was carrying a real gun, but in fact it was a toy.

    Next year will also pay host to a law prohibiting the sale of non-fire safe cigarettes.

    The cigarettes are made with extra bands of paper that extinguish the fire if the cigarette is not being smoked.

    English says state legislators really took their time on passing these laws, to ensure no one person was losing any rights.

    "This last session of 2009, legislators were looking very closely at bills to try to make sure that we were not passing bills that were going to be an increased hardship on people," says English.

    Another law taking effect in January will require cats and dogs, ages four months and older, to receive a rabies shot from a licensed veterinarian.

    This is something Dr. Bob Hale of the Briarwood Animal Hospital, says is very important.

    "I've heard of people taking one vile and splitting it up between ten animals, so it's a matter of doing it correctly," says Hale.

    And one last law will prohibit young people from riding personal watercrafts in Arkansas without completing a safety course first.

    Those classes will be taught by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

     Arkansas Cigarette Fire Safety Standard Act (PDF)



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