Forrest City: Four teens charged with capital murder

    7:01 PM, Feb 4, 2010   |    comments
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    • Jamie Harris
    • Freonte Dosty
    • Terrence Mays
    • Demarcio Heard

    Christopher Hayes is still in shock over what he saw.

    He says, "That was my friend. It still hurts me today."

    An evening of talking on the porch with his long-time friend Arthur Joplin quickly turned into a nightmare.

    He remembers, "I heard them say get out of the car. And I heard pow. I didn't know what to say then."

    Joplin was leaving Hayes' home when the shot was fired. Detectives say the motive is robbery.

    Police say the boys responsible are Terrence Mays, 17, Freonte Dosty, 15, Demarcio Heard, 16 and Jamie Harris, 16.

    "They will get what they deserve. Cause it was wrong the way they did that, shot him for no reason in the car," says Hayes.

    This is the first murder for Forrest City in 2010. But Hayes says the crime in the neighborhood is pretty bad with violent crimes in robberies. In fact, he says he sees police patrolling the area often.

    The increase in police activity, though, may be working. Officers credit the quick arrests to help from the community.

    But Joplin's neighbor has mixed feelings. She's friends with suspect Freonte Dosty's family.

    She says, "Just say for instance, it was your brother, or something or your nephew or your cousin; you couldn't think "James" had something to do with it and you know "James" and you know his mom."

    Still, she wants justice for her beloved neighbor and prays police have the right guys.

    "Very good neighbor. Do anything for you. I ask him anything. He'd take me anywhere because I don't have a car and he would take me anywhere I wanted to go," Joplin's neighbor says.

    Meanwhile, the investigation continues and police say more arrests could come.

    The teens were arrested Feb 2. Along with capital murder, they're also charged with engaging in violent criminal group activity.

    THV's Ashley Blackstone will have more details on this story coming up right here on todaysthv.com and also on "Today's THV at 6:00."

    Source: Forrest City Police & Today's THV

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