A Place to Call Home: Erica and Jade

    3:22 PM, Dec 3, 2009   |    comments
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    If life is depicted through art, then the life of Erica and Jade is certainly not a Norman Rockwell. 15 year old Erica and 13 year old Jade are at a point in their lives when more than anything they need a family.

    Instead they are becoming young women without the guidance of a permanent mother or father.

    The sisters have always leaned on each other to get through tough times. They want so badly to be adopted together.

    "We come in a package,"says Erica. "I love her she's my sister," says Jade.

    They're typical teenagers. Both are cheerleaders, they're into movies and music and, of course, boys.

    Jade wants to own a daycare center one day. Erica loves to cook and has dreams of becoming a cake designer.

    But as far as their dreams of finding a home for the holidays the girls know their chances of getting adopted at their ages are slim.

    "I don't think people care that's why i don't get my hopes up," says Jade.

    But when you look at them, you're reminded there's no more important time in a child's life when they need someone to paint them a rosy picture of the future, someone to love them and some place to call home.


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