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    Ed Buckner's nephews take over the weather center

    8:49 PM, Dec 27, 2013

    It was a weather family segment during Ed Buckner's weather forecast on Friday. Watch as he welcomes his nephews on camera to help explain the forecast.

    THV Insider: Missing children policy

    2:58 PM, Feb 22, 2012

    With the recent disappearance of Angela Allen and her tragic death, Today's THV wanted to outline our policy on when and why we air stories involving missing children.

    THV Insider: "A Place to Call Home"

    9:39 PM, Jun 16, 2011

    In a THV Insider, we give you a peek inside our "A Place to Call Home" segments.

    THV Insider: President refuses to release bin Laden photos

    8:41 PM, May 4, 2011

    In tonight's THV Insider, more on the president's decision against releasing Osama bin Laden death photos.

    THV Insider: Criminal Cases & Juveniles

    10:24 PM, Feb 8, 2011

    Tuesday on Today's THV at 6:30 p.m., we examine 3 separate criminal cases involving children and the guidelines we used to cover them.

    THV Insider: Social Media and Journalism

    7:56 PM, Oct 5, 2010

    In tonight's THV Insider, social media and how it influences journalism.

    THV Insider: Deciding what video is appropriate to air

    6:49 PM, Jul 23, 2010

    In Friday's THV Insider on Today's THV at 6:30 p.m., a look at two local news stories we covered this week, specifically examining the video we decided to show you in each story.

    THV Insider: Election Night 2010 coverage

    10:01 PM, May 18, 2010

    Campaign 2010 is heating up, and today is  the May primary. There are a number of big races and in our THV Insider, a look at what you can expect from us tonight. At election time, journalists have a duty to report impartially, sensitively, and responsibly.


    We also act as the guardians of a free and fair electoral process, ensuring the transparency that is crucial for voters' confidence in elections. What you'll see on our air, on our website and on our digital channel will reflect that. You will be able to choose how much coverage you want.



    THV Insider: Hair & Makeup

    11:54 PM, Feb 15, 2010

    In tonight's THV Insider, answers to two of the most common questions we get here at THV: Who does your hair and makeup and who picks out your clothes?

    THV Insider: 'Ask the Speaker' segment off-air

    11:18 PM, Feb 1, 2010

    In tonight's THV Insider, anchor Dawn Scott explains why we stopped our regular Ask the Speaker segment.

    THV Insider: Morgan Nick Amber Alerts

    7:59 PM, Jan 27, 2010

    In tonight's THV Insider, we revisit our reporting policy on missing and abducted children following a Morgan Nick Amber Alert last Thursday.

    Little Rock FOP defers cost of living increase

    8:09 PM, Jan 1, 2010

    Little Rock's tough economic times have the city's "finest" now helping out.

    THV Insider: Covering Tiger Woods

    8:04 PM, Dec 8, 2009

    In tonight's THV Insider, a look at the Tiger Woods' story, how it's unfolded, and the reasons behind why and when we've covered it here on THV.

    THV Insider: News Coverage of Vance Hearing

    6:59 PM, Oct 9, 2009

    An analysis of media coverage of Curtis Vance's pre-trial hearing.

    THV Insider: Covering the Recession

    7:45 PM, Oct 5, 2009

    In tonight's THV Insider - how the media has covered the country's economic crisis.

    THV Insider: Press Accuracy Rating Hits Two Decade Low

    7:09 PM, Sep 18, 2009

    In tonight's THV Insider, a scathing report on the state of the news media in the U.S.

    THV Insider: Peeling Through The Layers Before Airing A Story

    7:03 PM, Sep 3, 2009

    At Today's THV, it's our job as journalists to be fair and accurate and we strive on getting it right instead of just getting it on first. In our THV Insider, we want to be completely transparent as we take you through our thought process and news judgment on a recent story.

    THV Insider: Would You Pay for Online News?

    6:30 PM, Aug 21, 2009

    A big question in tonight's THV Insider: would you pay money for online news? It's a big debate.

    THV Insider: Heat vs. Light

    6:11 PM, Aug 11, 2009

    THV outlines how it will cover heated or controversial topics, such as health care reform.

    THV Insider: Citizen Journalists

    7:54 PM, Jul 14, 2009

    In tonight's THV Insider, citizen journalism and how it's affecting the profession of journalism.

    THV Insider: How to Pronounce Iran and Iraq

    5:51 PM, Jun 29, 2009

    No doubt, if you've watched any news broadcast, including one on Today's THV, you've heard them pronounced multiple ways.

    THV Insider: Violent Death in Iran

    7:55 PM, Jun 22, 2009

    Should THV show the death of a woman who has become the face of the confrontation in Iran?

    THV Insider: Social Networking Websites and Newsgathering

    7:11 PM, Jun 17, 2009

    How the situation in Iran is shaping modern journalism.

    THV Insider at 6:30: MEMS Responds To Okla. Trooper/Paramedic Scuffle

    8:07 PM, Jun 16, 2009

    Dash-cam video, just released this week, reveals more details on that trooper - paramedic scuffle that happened May 24th in Oklahoma City, both were responding to an emergency.

    THV Insider: Sports Arrests

    6:30 PM, Jun 8, 2009

    In tonight's THV insider, when and why we cover sports arrests.

    THV Insider: Live or Taped?

    6:44 PM, Jun 5, 2009

    How to know when what you see is live or taped on Today's THV.

    THV Insider: Hero Central

    10:25 PM, Jun 3, 2009

    Details on a new initiative unveiled at Today's THV

    THV Insider: Graphic Images

    7:17 PM, May 22, 2009

    THV outlines it's policy on when and why graphic images might air during a newscast.

    THV Insider: DTV Soft Tests

    6:44 PM, May 20, 2009

    As the DTV transition nears, Today's THV works to help viewers get ready.

    THV Insider: Using Skype to Cover News

    3:49 PM, May 18, 2009

    In tonight's THV Insider, Skype technology and how it is changing what you see on TV.