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    5 ways to save at the grocery store

    5:12 AM, Aug 23, 2012   |    comments
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    UNDATED (KTHV) - A trip to the grocery store is likely costing you a bit more this month as the drought takes a toll on food prices.

    But, you can help offset those costs, just by choosing the right time to buy certain foods.

    Here are 5 guidelines on when to buy food from TIME Magazine.

    1. Buy meat in the morning on weekdays. You are more likely to see "Manager's Specials," then - which often must be sold by noon that day. You'll find discounts of 50 percent or more. Freeze what you won't use right away.

    2. Buy eggs close to their expiration date. Grocery stores sometimes put eggs on sale when they're approaching their expiration dates. For some food, expiration dates equate to the last day that food can be safely eaten. But eggs can be eaten three to five weeks after the expiration date, so buy them when you see them on sale and don't worry about getting sick.

    3. Prepared foods. If you like rotisserie chicken, sushi and other prepared foods, you know they're expensive. Go to your grocery store about an hour before it closes, when many stores mark down prepared foods that can't be sold the next day. Expect discounts of 40 percent or more.

    4. Shop bread and baked goods in the late afternoon and evening. Some stores drop prices by 50 percent rather than throwing out this food at closing time. Also consider getting bread at the dollar store - More and more dollar stores sell brand-name bread for a half to a third of what you'll find in grocery stores.

    5. Wednesday is the best day to go to the grocery store. Weekly sales at grocery stores almost always start on Wednesdays. If you shop then, you won't have to worry about popular items selling out, and you won't have to hunt for items because stores typically are well staffed to take care of larger crowds. And when you do head to the store- make a list and stick to it!




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