6 things you should always haggle over

    5:08 AM, Aug 24, 2012   |    comments
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    UNDATED - (KTHV) - You have heard the saying, "Everything is Negotiable," we've got some tips on when that's true.

    Here are 6 things you should always haggle over, from TIME Magazine.

    1. Cars. Find out what the car is worth beforehand, using a resource like the Kelley Blue Book. If it's a used car, insist on getting your independent inspection by a trustworthy auto expert, and if there are any repairs that need to be taken care of, ask the seller to lower the price accordingly.

    2. Home and yard work contracts. It doesn't hurt to flatter a bit in your request, telling the landscaper or housekeeper that you would prefer to work with them, but that you've been quoted a lower rate by one of their competitors.If you can refer them to other potential customers, that's a bargaining chip as well.

    3. Credit cards. If you're a good customer, fees can sometimes be negotiated away. And late fees can be waived if you point out your great track record of on-time payments.

    4. Vacation lodging. Give the hotel a call rather than just showing up, because over-the-phone haggling is more successful than negotiating at the front desk. And if a hotel won't budge on the room rate, see if you can get a perk like free parking or wi-fi thrown in instead.

    5. Health care. Ask your doctor if tests or medications are necessary and if there are cheaper options out there. If you have health insurance that will cover a portion of your expenses, ask if your doctor will accept the insurance carrier's definition of "reasonable and customary" costs - since that figure might be very different from what your doctor's billing department charges.

    6. Phone, TV and internet services. Sometimes, just pointing out that a competitor is offering a better deal can be enough to get your provider to come through with a lower price. This works especially well if a new provider enters your market; they're going to be dangling deals to entice new customers, which forces the existing players in the area to be more competitive.

    You can find more tips to haggling in this TIME Magazine article.









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