8 ways to save on holiday shopping right now

    6:01 AM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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    It's only the start of the September, but the holiday shopping wars have already begun. So this consumer Tuesday, to help you save money, we found 8tips from Yahoo! to help you save on Holiday Gifts.

    1. Start early! This will allow you to save money by avoiding impulse buys, must-have out of stock material, and panicky last minute buys.

    2. Arrange your list. Try grouping the people you intend to present gifts to on a list. If you plan on buying a similar gift for multiple people, you might get volume discounts.

    3. Online shopping. Online shopping allows you to save gas while providing the convenience factor as well. You will also find a lot of deals online. Go to trustworthy websites for your online shopping tasks.

    4. Get rewards and rebates. Use your credit cards to take advantage of bonus programs and cash back offers while you are shopping. You can get up to 6-8% on cash-back offers or use reward points to buy items .

    5. Used items can turn out to be good. Visiting pawn shops, antique stores and auction websites can be helpful. Vintage items can be the perfect gifts.

    6. Put together themed gift baskets. If you are planning to give a Netflix gift card then, try putting together some cheap candy and discount DVD's to make the perfect package.

    7. Get gift cards. There are a lot of websites where you can get a discount card from. This will be helpful for you as these cards can give you as much as 15 percent off on shopping. Online surveys have determined that almost 60% shoppers online are demanding for discount cards.

    8. Create something. If you possess craftsmanship skills, then create something for your friend/family member whom you want to gift. Pinterest is a great place to get some creative ideas.

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