Medical Monday: Keeping your eyes healthy

    6:03 AM, Sep 17, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Many of us will soon be buying new clothes, shoes and, perhaps, new makeup for Fall. 

    On this Medical Monday, Dr. Lydia Lane with Little Rock Eye Clinic offers some tips for women on keeping your eyes safe and healthy when using eye makeup.
    Beware of Bacteria
    You should throw eye makeup away after THREE months and use only fresh applicators when sampling makeup in the store.  In fact, I'd recommend against store samples completely. 
    Apply it Right
    Make sure your face and eyelids are clean when you apply your makeup and apply makeup OUTSIDE of the lash line.  For example, if you line the inside of your lash line you might actually block the oil glands of your upper and lower eyelid.  Also, NEVER separate mascara clumps with sharp items.
    Avoid Irritation and Allergic Reactions
    If you are prone to allergies introduce only one new eye product at a time.  Also, if you have dry eyes metallic or glittery eye shadow might flake off and cause irritation or infections.
    Take It Off
    Be sure to remove all makeup, especially mascara, each evening with a gentle cleanser.  Sleeping in your makeup can cause irritation, an allergic reaction or even an infection. 
    Dr. Lane also says that there is a growing trend toward using lash lengthening drugs like Latisse. Latisse was discovered when glaucoma patients, using a drug with similar ingredients, found it lengthened and thickened their lashes. Now it's available, by prescription, for cosmetic reasons.
    It is safe but just like any drug there are things to remember:
    -Not approved for people under 18
    -Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women
    -Contact lenses must be removed before using
    -Check with your doctor if you have an eye condition

    (Source: American Academy of Ophtalmology)

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