Eat Smart While Dining Out: Kiyen's Seafood Steak and Sushi

    4:38 AM, Oct 13, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Anyone trying to eat healthy knows that there are times when you're tempted to eat something with no real nutritious value.

    In today's Eat Smart While Dining out segment, registered dietitian Kristen Rowe is talking about some healthier options when you are eating out at Kiyen's Seafood Steak and Sushi.

    EAT THIS: Fresh Oyster
    150 kcal, 10 g. fat, 250 mg. sodium

    NOT THAT: House Coconut Shrimp
    435 kcal, 13.5 g. fat, 885 mg. sodium

    EAT THIS: Golden Lobster (Baked lobster, vegetables, spring mix topped with real blue crab and 14k gold flakes) 
    350 kcal, 10 g. fat, 360 mg. sodium

    NOT THAT: Playboy Roll (Fried shrimp, avocado topped with tuna and tobiko, sweet sauce and Japanese mayo)
    650 kcal, 22 g. fat, 676 mg. sodium

    EAT THIS: California Roll
    260 kcal, 8 g. fat, 500 mg. sodium

    NOT THAT: Shrimp Tempura Roll
    580 kcal, 18 g. fat, 920 mg. sodium

    Click on the video for all of Rowe's advice!

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