Brighter Side: Good news in Arkansas

    6:21 AM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Too often we report the negative news, but great things are happening in your community each day.

    Here's a look at a few stories that are on The Brighter Side...

    Getting students interested in reading at a young age, while at the same time building their self-esteem, is the aim of the North Little Rock Rotary Club.

    The "I Like Me!" program is the distribution of individualized story books that use the name of the child as the main character and also make reference to their friends, teacher, school and principal.

    The personalized books help instill self-confidence in these young students and touch on issues that children may see in day-to-day life -- including friendship, race relations and sharing.

    November is Native American History month and in recognition, John Two-Hawks took over Little Rock City Hall this week to share his culture on a Lakota flute.

    He is a Grammy and Emmy award nominee who says events like this are important.

    "As human beings we need to learn how to get along with each other better," explains John Two-Hawks. "We need to learn more about each other and when we do, we break down barriers and we can learn to be friends with one another."

    The Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission and the Arkansas National Guard help bring the performance to Little Rock.

    And in other great news, it seems Arkadelphia students have some serious brain power.

    The public school district is being honored on the Advanced Placement Honor Roll for increasing access to advancement placement (AP) coursework, and for more students earning scores of 3 or higher on the exams.

    Taking AP courses demonstrates to colleges that students have taken the most difficult classes available to them -- which looks great on those high school transcripts.

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