Guide to tipping over the holidays

    6:20 AM, Dec 21, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We're working for you on this Friday morning. How much should you tip over the holidays?

    Here are a few tips from Shine at Yahoo!

    1. Every day relationships - cash

    Every day relationships are like your doorperson or mail carrier. But, just because you're tipping all of them doesn't mean you have to tip equally. Those who you see more or helped you more should get a bigger tip. No more than $100 is needed.

    2. Your regular - cash

    These are people who you see regularly like your stylist, trainer, or barista. Tipping about 40 percent usually balances nicely and it feels extra special when you leave a tip in a note. Some say you could tip the price of one visit as well.

    3. In the office - gift

    Don't forget the people who help keep your office running like your maintenance staff. An office pool is a great way to say thanks. If everyone just gives $5, it adds up quickly. Always include a handwritten note.

    4. Seasonal service - cash

    These are people who are working extra hard over the holidays or even on a holiday. Up your usual tip rate by five or ten percent.

    5. Child/home care - cash/gift

    Depending on your relationship with these people (teachers, babysitters, housekeepers, or live-in help), spring for a great gift. Always add a note expressing your thanks!

    Even if you aren't in a great financial place, you can always give a nice note or thank you card. Everyone appreciates a kind word.

    (Source: Shine from Yahoo!)

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