Flu-fighting foods to help you stay healthy

    7:23 AM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- When fighting the flu, being hygenic is always the best way to fend off germs. But what about what you eat?

    We have a list of foods that can help you stay healthy from Headline News.

    Garlic: This may have a strong smell, but it's packed with antibiotics like allicin that help fight off infection.

    Chicken Noodle Soup: Believe it or not, but this soup can help you feel better. According to a team at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, the soup can affect your body's immune system and help it fight back against the virus.

    Flu-fighter cookies: Hankering for something sweet? The Food Network has a recipe for flu-fighter cookies that have ingredients like yogurt, various spices, lemon, oats, and ginger.

    Salmon (and other oily fish):  According to USA Today, the omega-3 fatty acids and selenium in salmon can help reduce inflammation and produce more white blood cells to fight off the virus.

    Green tea: Green tea gives you, what Dr. Oz calls, "an extra jolt" to your immune system that can speed up your recovery or help prevent getting sick in the first place.

    Honey: Not only is this natural sweetness great to help soothe a cough or scratchy throat, but it's full of antioxidents.

    Ginger: This root can help you detox when you aren't feeling well.

    Mushrooms: Mushrooms contain selenium and beta glucan are immune boosters. They help your cells become stronger to fight off infection.

    Yogurt: Yogurt is filled with vitamin D and probiotics that help fight respiratory infections and soothe your stomach.

    Cabbage (and other leafy greens): Cabbage and other leafy greens like spinach and broccoli are high in glutamine and beta-carotene that can boost your immune system.

    Tomatoes: These are full of vitamin C and lycopene.

    Hot peppers: These pack a powerful punch of capsaicin that can help open your nasal passages.

    Strawberries: According to the Mother Nature Network, one cup of strawberries can offer you 160 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C.

    (Source: Headline News)

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