Foods you should cut from your diet

    6:24 AM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 News is working for you this morning. You may be surprised by some of the ingredients in the foods you eat everyday. Here's a list of grocery store foods you should cut from your diet from Yahoo! Health

    Swordfish - Especially for pregnant women, avoid swordfish. This fish is notoriously high with the heavy metal that can damage developing children and even trigger heart attacks in adults. If you are wanting a fish fix, try wild-caught Alaskan salmon, Atlantic mackerel, or pole- or troll-caught Pacific albacore tuna. Snakefish is also similar to swordfish but healthier for you.

    Also, swordfish fishing is harmful for the environment. The equipment they use also harm turtles and other sea creatures.

    Non-organic strawberries - Farmers who grow non-organic strawberries use harmful pesticides on their crops. The Environmental Working Group, which analyzes USDA pesticide-residue data, has found 13 different pesticide residues on chemically grown strawberries. Organic are pesticide free.

    Diet soda - Stay away from anything that contains artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame, acesufame K, and neotame, like diet sodas. The safety data on these sweeteners are conflicting and some suggest what when these are metabolized in the body, they can cause health problems like weight gain, neurological diseases, joint pain, etc. If you are still craving a soda, try carbonated flavored water or tea.

    White chocolate - Having some dark chocolate can acutally be a health benefit. It has phytonutrients that can increase blood flow to the brain, protect blood vessels, and boost mood and focus. While white chocolate has none of these things.

    Anything from fast food restaurants - The food at these establishments are loaded with genetically-engineered corn, food dyes, and artificial sweeteners. Also the type of farming that supports this type of business uses harmful chemicals that threaten both human and soil health. Learn to cook instead! Paying more up front for a pasture-raised chicken is cheaper than buying prepared fast food chicken.

    Canned tomatoes - The lining in these tin cans contain bisphenol-A, or BPA, which is a synthetic estrogen that has been linked to several health problems like heart disease and diabetes. It can also suppress sperm production. Choose instead tomatoes in glass bottles.

    You can learn more items on Yahoo! Health's website.

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