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    Signs your pet may be depressed

    6:29 AM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- People aren't the only ones who can get depressed. Pets can, too especially if they've lost a human or animal companion or experienced a change in environment.

    The sooner you recognize the signs, the sooner your pet can start getting treatment. Here are some signs to watch out for from Good Housekeeping.

    1. Eating and drinking less - Often a depressed pet doesn't want to eat as much, or may not eat at all. In some rare cases, though, depression may trigger a pet to overeat.

    2. Chewing and destroying things - When pets are depressed, they take on behaviors like this as if they're bored. The boredom factor often plays a large role, but it could also be a cry for help.

    3. Going to the bathroom in the house or outside the litter box - People often think that when pets urinate or defecate outside designated areas, they're mad or angry. But they may be so sad that they don't have the desire to get up to go outside or move to their litter box.

    4. Loss of interest in activities - Turns out, lethargy isn't only a sign of depression in people, it can also signal low feelings in pets, lack of interest, as well as sleeping more than usual, are concerning behaviors.

    5. Hiding - Every pet deserves its time alone, but if you notice that yours is spending more time in hiding, that could be an indication of depression. Not interacting with other pets or people is their way of withdrawing from their environment.

    6. Wagging their tail less - You know a dog is happy by the wagging of their tail, but if it's wagging less, you know something is wrong.

    7. Not wanting to be left alone - Just the opposite of a pet that goes into hiding, a pet can suddenly not want to be left alone. That can mean a sign of depression.

    8. Too little or too much grooming - A sign of depression, especially in cats, can be either too little or too much grooming.

    9. Over vocalization - A sign of depression is your pet crying or whining more than normal. They may be trying to communicate.

    (Source: Good Housekeeping)

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