10 Facebook, Twitter mistakes that could cost you your job

    7:55 AM, Feb 18, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV 11 is working for you this morning giving you 10 Facebook and Twitter mistakes that could cost you your job from Real Simple.

    1. Tweeting about an interview or a job. In what is known as the "Cisco Fatty" incident, a graduate student got a paid internship at Cisco, then tweeted whether or not a "fatty paycheck" was worth the drive for "hating the work". A Cisco employee saw it and responded.

    Even if you're not being rude, be careful what you put out there. Don't make assumptions that could rub the hiring manager the wrong way. Also you could be alerting competition to a job opportunity.

    2. Playing hooky. If you call in sick to work, then check in on Foursquare that you're out at a bar, you're in trouble. Some say you shouldn't be friends with your co-workers on Facebook, but rather connected on LinkedIn. Overall, if you've called in to work, stay off social media.

    3. Criticize your work condition, unless you're serious. Complaining about your work conditions is technically protected speech under labor law, but some companies have social media policies. A private conversation with your supervisor will go farther than a post on Twitter. Plus it makes future employers look at you with a raised eyebrow.

    4. Post off-color or tasteless remarks. Being opinionated isn't a bad thing, but think of who you might offend before you post. Laws on what are grounds for firing vary from state to state.

    5. Tell the world that you're bored. Saying you're bored isn't enough to get you fired, but it could be enough to get you overlooked for a promotion. If you are bored, volunteer for more challenging projects or have a talk with your supervisor.

    6. Blog about inappropriate topics (even anonymously). If you start a blog, even if you try to hide it, know that your co-workers will find out. Don't level damaging accusations without considering the consequences.

    7. Badmouth your clients. If you are upset with your clients, take it up with your supervisor, not with social media.

    8. Pick a public fight. If you are getting criticized publically, have a respectful public conversation rather than fighting fire with fire. It makes you look better when you handle it well. If someone is attacking you on a personal level (cyber bullying), ignore them.

    9. Trash talk about your bosses, colleagues, or organization. Social media is public, which means everyone can read what you post. If you are truly miserable, starting looking for ways to out. If you decide to leave, communicate why in a respectful way in your exit interview.

    10. Hang loose when you work with children. You're social media should be squeaky clean if you work with children. And especially do not engage with students on SM. Stay on top of what they say about you as well. Use Google alerts and SocialMention.com which keeps track of everything people are talking about on SM.

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