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    6 grammar mistakes to avoid

    5:12 AM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- We're helping you sound smarter and more polished this morning. Here are six common grammar mistakes for you to learn and avoid.

    Check out the full list from Open Forum: 8 Common Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make Again

    1. Affect vs. effect - The easiest way to remember the difference between the two is that "affect" means "to influence." So if you're going to influence something, you will affect it. If it's the result of something, it's an effect.

    2. Impact - Impact is a noun, not a verb. A plane can crash on impact. You can have an impact on something. But you cannot impact something. When you are tempted to use "impact" as a verb, use "affect" instead.

    3. The uses of "there" - Use "there" when referring to a location, "their" to indicate possession, and "they're" when you mean to say "they are."

    4. Care less - The dismissive "I could care less" is incorrect. If you could care less about it, then you're saying you could care less about the topic, and you've lost the impact you meant to have. To use this phrase correctly, insert the word "not" after the word "could," as in, "I could not care less."

    5. Irregardless - This word doesn't exist. The word you should use is "regardless."

    6. Fewer vs. less - Another common mistake, "less" refers to quantity and "fewer" to a number. For instance, Facebook has fewer than 5-thousand employees, but I got less sleep than you last night.

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