Stare felt around the world

    11:09 AM, May 4, 2011   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- It's the now-iconic photo that could become the defining image of the Obama presidency. There's no escaping the president's steely eyed stare.

    Bet you've never seen president Obama look like that, or Hillary Clinton look like that. By now, you've probably seen this photo and so will future generations. One person says, "This picture will go down in history. It's amazing." Another says, "A serious and profound moment."

    Well not for everyone. It's already being photoshopped, with hats from the royal wedding and with President Obama holding a video game controller. Some refer to the president's look as "the death stare" as in "if looks could kill," and Osama bin Laden is dead. The photo was taken in the situation room.

    You might be reminded of Wolf Blitzer saying, "You're in the Situation Room." No not that situation room, though the president has taken note of Wolf Blitzer. He has said that Blitzer is "the only other man in America with his own situation room."

    The various rooms in the real situation room have bells and whistles even wolf doesn't have but a president gets. There is a tour posted on the White House website.

    But it was simplicity rather than gadgetry in the photo that captured the public's imagination as the national security team was transfixed by real-time updates of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

    On the web, the photo's being blown up and dissected, from the words on Hillary's binder "top secret codeword" to the intentionally blurred apparently classified document on the table to the burn bag used to burn papers too secret to merely shred.

    Reporters asked, but the White House wouldn't say exactly what everyone was staring at, at the moment the photo was snapped.

    So the guessing game began, what was Obama watching? Sex and the City reruns? We imagine it was something like the scene in "Patriot Games."

    What seems written all over these faces is a phrase made famous by the bush administration, "Shock and awe."

    (Source: CNN)

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