Weird But True: Stroke victim speaks Welsh, chicken saves family, tossing bad thoughts

    7:31 AM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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    From a man who woke up speaking fluent Welsh after a stroke to an unusual animal saving a family from fire, THV's Tom Brannon catches you up on some Weird But True headlines.

    A retired Englishman woke up speaking Welsh after suffering a severe stroke and being unconscious for three weeks.

    Alun Morgan, 81, says he spoke Welsh when he was a young child, but was hardly fluent.

    Now it's as if Welsh is his native tongue.

    He says it took him several weeks to start speaking bits of english again.

    Doctors diagnosed Morgan with aphasia, a form of brain damage which causes a shift in the brain's language centre.

    Experts with the Stroke Association say a small number of stroke victims actually can unlock language abilities they did not realize they had.

    And one Wisconsin family can credit a pet chicken for helping save them from a house fire.

    The homeowner says they were sleeping when the chicken woke them at about 6:15 a.m. He heard "Cluck-Cluck" making more noise than usual so he woke up his wife because he knew something must be wrong.

    That's when they discovered the home's attic was on fire.

    Everyone escaped the home and no one was hurt. The fire destroyed the house and the cause is still being investigated.

    Finally, we'll leave this one up to you to decide if it's true. New research suggests that writing down your negative thoughts and tossing them in the garbage can erase your bad mood.

    In the study, 83 people were asked to write down thoughts on their body image, then either throw them away or keep them.

    Those who threw away their thoughts felt better about their bodies than those who didn't.

    So if there's a negative thought in your way today, toss it. Starting 2013 off on a good note will be worth the trip to the garbage can.

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