Holiday food myths: True or false

    3:39 PM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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    It's Thanksgiving, and as others gather to eat delicious meals, some are concerned about old myths swirling around in their heads. We checked in with a registered dietitian to discuss some holiday food myths.

    Myth 1: Turkey makes you sleepy

    False. Turkey does contain a chemical called tryptophan, which can act like a natural sedative, but it doesn't have any more than many other foods.

    "Even if we overdo the turkey, we're not eating that much tryptophan to really cause us to be sleepy," said Julie Schwartz, registered dietician.

    Consuming way too many calories is what actually puts us in our post meal slumber, not the tryptophan.

    Myth 2: Drinking additional alcohol will cure a hangover

    False. Dehydration after a heavy night of drinking is what really causes a hangover. Eating something and drinking a lot of water is the ideal way to cure a hangover.

    Myth 3: Desserts cause acne

    Tru-ish. What you're putting in your body is not what's causing those unwanted bumps.

    Acne, via the sweets route, is caused from touching greasy holiday treats and then touching your face.

    Myth 4: Eating stuffing can give you salmonella

    Depends. Safely eating stuffing depends on how the dish is cooked.

    "When we stuff our turkey and we don't get the temperature up to at least 165 to make sure that we've really killed off all that bacteria, then we can get salmonella," explained Schwartz.

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