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    GM unveils the Corvette Sting Ray

    10:46 AM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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    DETROIT, MI (CNN) -- General Motors takes the cover off its new Corvette, the model's first major redesign in nine years. CNN Reporter Tom Wait was there for the unveiling, a night before the big kick-off to the Detroit Auto Show.

    Stealing the spotlight as the Auto Show revs up, GM rolls out the new Corvette in front of an audience of over a thousand. In debuting the seventh generation model, the new Corvette is badged with an iconic nameplate: The Sting Ray. GM North America president Mark Reuss says, "This car speaks for itself, stands for itself. It is an icon, emotionally, for this company."

    The company picked Detroit's gritty Russell industrial complex for the unveiling. GM's North America President says Corvette's makeover and debut marks a major milestone for the company and represents GM's comeback. Reuss says, "The whole political arena has changed radically here over the last few years, since we went through bankruptcy. I think a lot of people needed something to really believe in here, and this car is one of those things in the company that we all believe in. And it was really fun, because no matter what people said, we kept working on this car, and what you see here today is spiritual and emotional for the whole company. When we did this for our employees later today, there was a standing ovation, not once but twice."

    You knew it would be fast, but the Corvette has so much muscle, 450 horsepower, and it can go from zero to 60 in less than four seconds. Monte Doran, Chevrolet Communications Manager says, "It will be the fastest, most capable, most powerful standard Corvette we've ever done."

    Auto analyst Jim Hall says the Corvette will do well, but he has a couple of issues. He says, "I like the car, I just wish the tail lights were a little more round. It's just me. It's still a Corvette, and it's still pretty hot."

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