Today's Box Office: Identity Thief, come back here with my comedy!

    7:27 AM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- THV Film Critic Jonathan Nettles on the new comedy Identity Thief.

    Melissa McCarthy is a funny person. Jason Bateman is a funny person. If you do the math, you'd think that one funny person plus one funny person would equal funny people. The problem with that equation is that it does not always equal funny movie. This is the case for Identity Thief.

    McCarthy plays Diana who is living it up in Florida where she buys whatever strikes her fancy. The problem is she's not exactly an honest person as the ID she's using to finance her shopping sprees reads "Sandy Bigelow Patterson". Across the country in Denver, the real "Sandy Bigelow Patterson" is an accounts rep who has been given the job opportunity of a lifetime but it all starts to fall apart when police start accusing him of being the "Sandy Bigelow Patterson" of Florida. Due to ridiculous loopholes in identity theft law, the real Sandy heads down to Florida to confront the woman who is ruining his life and bring her back to Denver to clear his name.

    Identity Thief has its' moments of funny but it doesn't keep you there very long. There's an extended R-rated scene with McCarthy and Eric Stonestreet that is likely the highlight of the film but it wears off quickly and the rest of the film doesn't live up to that joke. There are a lot of known actors in this film, its' a shame the material didn't support them.

    I will give some grace to Identity Thief because with a comedy, an empty theater can break a film. If the theater is crowded and the house is filled with laughter, its' easier to laugh along but on a Thursday night with a crowd of maybe 10, it doesn't work as well. So, I'd give it another chance on a rental. That being said, the last 45 minutes of the 1 hour and 47 minute long film seemed to drag on forever. I checked the watch at least four times during that span and at one point, I actually wondered if I could take a little nap.

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