Winners & Losers: Feb. 25, 2013

    5:28 PM, Feb 25, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Welcome to the energized, sometimes controversial news review, we call winners and losers.

    To begin with, beautiful people dressed up to attend the awards ceremony that they knew could change their careers, going into that room filled with anxiety and nervous anticipation. I'm referring to: the North Pulaski Realtors Association, Real Estate Awards at the Wyndham Hotel. Saturday night dozens of real estate agents won sales awards, offering proof the markets are coming back in North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Cabot, and Sherwood. Everyone at that ceremony was a winner.

    Oh, there was another awards ceremony this weekend. The Oscars. Ben Afleck has become a winner as his career has made a u-turn. He produced, directed and starred in the best movie, Argo. Jennifer Lawrence is also a winner. At age 22 she became the second youngest to win best actress. Despite the fall on the way to the stage, she has had an incredible beginning to her career.

    But, the awards themselves are losers. Despite some fun surprises, there was a lack of warmth all night. From host Seth McFarlane's caustic remarks, to playing the jaws theme if an acceptance speech went too long, the show seemed to lack affection. It was edgy and tense--a lot like our next recipient.

    Washington D.C. is a loser-all of 'em! The sequestration clock continues to tick down with Friday as the deadline, and both sides continue to blame one another. We have had them all cry wolf so often now, the country is worn out. It's a big deal met with a big national shrug. We all seem to be turning away.

    Who's the next loser? Rapper 50 Cent. ESPN reporter Erin Andrews turned the other cheek at the Daytona 500. As he went in the for a kiss, Erin turned away.

    From the racetrack to the indoor track in Fayetteville, Arkansas Razorback track won the men's and women's indoor SEC championships, making them winners in our book. Take that SEC.

    For runners headed to the Little Rock Marathon this Sunday, you can forget ear buds. Those things are loser. They're not exactly banned, but they're frowned upon for safety reasons and elite runners are not allowed to use them. Listen to the traffic and the cheering, not to Adele; or Rachmaninoff; or in Dawn's case, Justin Bieber.

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