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    Winners & Losers: June 3, 2013

    4:31 PM, Jun 3, 2013   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- It's time for winners and losers with Craig O'Neill. Here's a quick preview: kids, state officials, walkers and runners, storms from Mother Nature and storms from Athletic Directors. Let's go!

    Ohio is our first loser. When Ohio State President Gordon Gee told members of the Ohio State Athletic Council that Wisconsin should be thankful Brett Bielema left Wisconsin and that he was a thug, did it ever open up a can of Razorback worms! The President has had to apologize. He has fired up Razorback fans, who I'm sure would now like to replace Texas Tech on the football schedule with Ohio State.

    One University Athletic Program that is a winner. That is UCA. The Diamond Bears are in position to get to a Super-Regional with a victory over Mississippi State. The baseball program took giant steps this weekend.

    We go from the beating the dogs to being in the cage with the dogs. The parents who put their 10-year-old daughter in a dog cage said they were trying to get the dog quiet, but a motorist passing by snapped a picture, and now the Pennsylvania parents are getting second guessed coast to coast.

    Boy Scout Troop 99 is a group of winners. They scouts spent three days in front of War Memorial Stadium collecting items for Moore Oklahoma tornado relief. They made deliveries in Oklahoma and in the process got over $2,000 donated to the Red Cross.

    The state of Texas is a loser. Despite all the trouble Oklahoma has had, FEMA ranks Texas first as the state with the most natural disasters. They've had 86 major disaster declarations since 1953.

    Damon Bivins is a winner. Every day throughout the school year, he has volunteered to be a greeter on the car line at Cabot Middle School North. There is no telling how many moods he has altered this year or how many lives have been impacted by this upbeat, fist-pumping, inspirational man.

    Charles Robinson, the new State Treasurer, is also a winner. With a lifetime of auditing under his belt and no time spent as a politician, he has instantly quieted the storm surrounding the Treasurer's Office at the State Capitol.

    More life changers and more winners are the people who walked in the Chron's and Colitis walk Sunday. All of them were winners because they helped raise over $80,000 for research in this debilitating disease.

    The kids who competed in the Bryant Kid's Triathlon Saturday morning are winners, too! Despite thunderstorms rumbling through Saline County, they all got their swimming, biking and running done, with a record turnout, all in the name of fitness.

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