Oh no Oreo!: 'Double-stuf' not actually double

    7:41 AM, Aug 22, 2013   |    comments
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    UNDATED (CNN) -- It's pretty clear what makes the Oreo America's favorite cookie-the cream filling. But students at a New York high school have discovered that the Double Stuf version of this cookie isn't all its stacked up to be.

    Twist em? Dunk' em? Lick em? Swallow 'em whole? No matter how you eat your Oreos, one thing most Oreo lovers can agree on: the cream is the best part!

    But there's a new twist and that beloved cream is in the center of a scandal!

    Are Double-Stuf Oreos really all they're "stuffed up" to be? A high school math class in upstate New York found out just how much "stuf" is actually in Double Stuf Oreos. Teacher Dan Anderson says, "Most of them have had practice, as have I- in separating the Oreo in half and getting a clean side, but getting two clean sides off just leaving the stuff was difficult."

    Dan Anderson's students weighed 10 of both the original and the Double Stuf Oreos. That data was applied to a mathematical equation to determine the Oreo's cream content.

    According to the cookie calculations, the Double Stuf was only 1.86 times the size of regular Oreos. Say it ain't so! Anderson says, "The class as a whole was pretty surprised that it wasn't double."

    This isn't the first time a food favorite has come under fire for not measuring up. Last year a Subway customer's photo went viral showing his foot-long sub only measured 11 inches!

    But, Oreos have been the nation's best selling cookie since 1912 and they are likely to outlast this latest controversy showing once again the "cream" always rises to the top.

    An Oreo spokesperson says "our recipe for the Oreo Double Stuf cookie has double the stuf, or cream filling when compared with our base, the original Oreo cookie."

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