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    Great Video: Helicopter opens a beer

    9:34 AM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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    SHANDONG, China (CBS) -- The three-day China Helicopter Tournament 2013 drew its curtain Monday in the city of Laiwu, east China's Shandong Province.

    Over 20 domestic helicopter pilots competed in this three-day event on six items to test their skills and the tournament also displayed the highest level of its kind in the country.

    As a highlight of the event, the performance of opening beer bottles by helicopters attracted many attention.

    According to the workers on spot, the beer bottle was fixed at the top of a surveyor's pole two meters from the ground and a bottle opener was tied to the end of the helicopter's skid on the right side.

    As required, the pilot had to open five beer bottles in sequence in a designated area within eight minutes and the one who opened the most bottles without much damage to them would win the game.

    According to the rule, the pilot would score 40 points for opening each bottle.

    "The game mainly tests pilot's manipulation of the helicopter. We have to let the bottle opener get closer to the beer bottle as much as possible," said Wang Xuefei, a helicopter pilot.

    In the end, Zhang Zhiqiang, a pilot from Anyang City in central China's Henan Province, won the game by gaining 120 scores after opening three bottles within the limited time.

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