Woman rides horse to DMV to get license back

    10:22 AM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
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    RICHMOND, VA (CNN) -- A Virginia driver mad over the suspension of her license trades in her four wheels for some real horse power.

    It's not something you see every day on Broad Street, but this isn't horseplay. It's Ashlee's protest of what she calls a painful problem with the DMV. She says, "I've been trying for the last three days to get through to the DMV in between being told the answering service telling me that its too long of a wait and hanging up on me and between just trying to get to someone and get it straight I shouldn't be in this position."

    Here's how we got here: the DMV says it had no proof of Ashlee's insurance. Ashlee says, she sent it all through email and regular mail.

    But the DMV didn't see it, and her license was suspended. When asked if she thinks riding her horse, Sassy, will get her point across, she responds, "I would hope so but with the people I've dealt with so far I'd guess not."

    It was illegal for her to drive all the way from her home in Amelia, to Richmond. So Ashlee had a friend drive her with a horse trailer and that's when Ashlee, Sassy and her dog, Tuff, had their protest parade.

    It took $645 in fees, just to get her license back. But while she was inside, the DMV came outside. Drawing a crowd of people who said, now, they've seen everything at the DMV.

    And after two hours, Ashlee declared victory. She says, "I went in and the lady who's the head of DMV came in and found me and asked if I was the lady with the horse outside and said well come over here and took me to the side and took all my paperwork upstairs and handled it immediately and sent me on my way."

    Ashlee's now riding off with her head held high, she's saying you can lead a horse to the DMV but you can't always promise a win like this.

    A security guard says this is the first time he's ever seen a horse at the DMV.

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