NYT magazine cover 'Planet Hillary' sparks buzz

    10:48 AM, Jan 24, 2014   |    comments
    Screenshot of New York Times magazine cover of Hillary Clinton as a planet. (Photo: Jesse Lenz, New York Times magazine)
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    (USA TODAY) -- Talk about gravitational pull. The New York Times magazine cover "Planet Hillary" that depicts Hillary Rodham Clinton as a planet is getting a lot of buzz from folks online.

    The 6th floor blog wrote that one of the inspirations for the look of the cover came from the man-in-the-moon image from a 1902 silent film.

    "When we created the cover of this Sunday's magazine to accompany Amy Chozick's article - to be published online tomorrow - about Hillary Rodham Clinton's influence on the various people within her political universe, the immediate idea that came to mind was Clinton's face embedded on a planet," Arem Duplessis, the magazine's design director wrote.

    The article that accompanies the cover talks about the universe surrounding the Clintons and the challenges she faces in a 2016 bid for the White House.

    Criticism, memes, gifs and commentary have appeared across social platforms since the cover was unveiled.

    Namely Hillary's face as a planet over Justin Bieber's body, as a basketball that LeBron James palms in his hand and one with the USA Team uniform.

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