Outdoor Report: Tired of turkey? Try a different meat!

    10:45 PM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - While turkey may reign as king of the Thanksgiving dinner table, some may find that they're just plain tired of it. So, what are you to do when you don't want to eat turkey for yet another holiday gathering? Try a different meat!

    Steve "Wildman" Wilson, public affairs coordinator for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said dear, also known as venison, is an excellent alternative. He said it's lean, low-fat, and good for you, and said his favorite way to eat it is when it's fried.

    Terry Reid, a field editor of Arkansas Game and Fish, said there's other ways to cook it, too.

    "Basically anything you can do with ground beef, you can do with ground venison. Sometimes you might want to add a little pork to it or some fat because it is a lean meat, and it will dry out," he said. "I like to just take tenderloin or a back strap and throw it on a hot grill with some fresh herbs on it."

    Duck is another delicious alternative.

    "A lot of [the flavor] depends on preparation. If you cook it too long, it starts to taste a little bit like liver," said Terry. He added that he's tried Creole seasoning, Jamaican Jerk, Gumbo, and Asian stir-fry with duck before and enjoyed it.

    "You're really only limited by your imagination. It's the preparation. Soak it in a little bit of salt water to draw some of that wild taste out, but not all of it because that's why we eat wild game," Terry added.

    With these lean meats, marinating does help out a lot since they can dry out quickly. Field dressing your game immediately will also keep the meat tender and result in having a better dish on the table.

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