FEMA Trailers For Sale

    10:30 PM, Feb 14, 2007   |    comments
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  • The Hope airport is a busy place. Used travel trailers are coming in from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the same time, other used trailers are on their way out. "We've been looking at campers for the last six months or so and have been waiting for the right one,” says Nashville, Arkansas resident Brian Smead as he pulls out a trailer. “We heard they were going to start selling these, so we said let's hold off and look at them and we actually found one we liked really well for a little cheaper than we could get it somewhere else." FEMA says it's selling hundreds of the travel trailers each month to reduce inventory after the post Katrina build-up. The trailers up for sale are ones that are too expensive to refurbish for future use. Hope Mayor Dennis Ramsey says, “Those that they have to spend more than $1,500 on, they're going to put on the auction block." Mayor Ramsey says the sale has gotten quite the response. "A lot of calls come in to city hall and the chamber of commerce. Of course neither entity has anything to do with the sale out here,” he says. “It's provoked quite a lot of conversation and people are coming in from all around the country." The trailers are only available through an on-line auction (click the link to the side of this story). Bid prices Wednesday ranged from $2,500 to more than $11,000. While there are pictures online, you can see the actual trailers at the airport. Ruby Brown came from Louisiana to check some out. "I would say good condition. I wouldn't say excellent,” she says. “There were burn holes in the carpet in stuff like that. Some are a little stinky, but nothing you couldn't take care of." Mayor Ramsey says there was some concern the trailer auctions could affect the prices at local retail dealers. FEMA says it will only sell 300 a month to prevent saturating the market. There are still 12,000 trailers at the airport.

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