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    What is THV2?
    It is a second TV station that generates from Today’s THV. It is a fully powerful broadcast signal, equal to Today’s THV’s signal.

    How does it work?
    It is made possible through digital bandwidth technology. Congress has mandated that Television Broadcast Stations will only broadcast in a digital by February 19, 2009.

    Today’s THV digital coverage is the strongest digital signal available (MAXIMIZED VHF POWER), which means it’s easy receive with an antenna. Digital bandwidth allows us to transmit "THV2" a second television channel where viewers receive 24 hour news and weather.

    On the air and on the web
    The difference in THV2 and other second digital channels is, THV2 will be streamed via Windows Media simultaneously on the web. Viewers and Users can click on THV2.com and receive 24 hour news and weather.

    What will I see on THV2?
    Constant news and weather, consumer and business reports air frequently as well as sports highlights and health news.

    In addition to 24-hour news and weather coverage, THV2 airs the following news programs live:

    • Today's THV This Morning (9am - 9:30am weekdays)
    • Today's THV At Noon (Noon to 12:30pm weekdays)
    • Today's THV At 5:00 (weekdays)
    • Today's THV at 6:00 (weekdays)
    • The THV 10:00 Difference (weekdays)
    • Hog Zone Super Saturday

    How do I watch THV2?
    All viewers with digital receivers (through the use of an antenna) on Channel 11-2

    You can also see THV2 on the following cable television systems:

    • Little Rock ComCast - Channel 233
    • Conway Corporation - Channel 170
    • Hot Springs Wheco - Channel 247
    • Pine Bluff Wheco - Channel 247

    Anyone with Internet Access at THV2.com

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